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 Storehouse Kać, RS 1017
KRP doo is a company that specialises in raw leather trading. The company was founded by several of highly expirianced experts in the leather industry, joining together and organising capillary buy out of unprocessed bloody leather, thus making the company one of the leaders in the former SFRJ market. The company consists of 40 employees, highly trained in their profession. Judging by the average of repurchased and processed leather per employee, we are the most productive company in the business.
The company owns 16 refrigerator-trucks, designed specially for the leather buy-out and equiped with electronic scales. In the system of admission, product delivery control, every piece of leather is labeled with the labeler for marking and quality assessment of the leather. Marking of all leather fragments in this specific way is actually a novelty in the leather business, and for this novelty we are unique and distinguished as a company in the wider area.
Raw leather is bought out from slaughter houses, with all of which we have great business partner relations, and that has proven itself over a long perion of time. Repurchased unprocessed bloody leather is taken from the slaughter houses directly to the storehouses, where it is sorted, classified, solted, stocked onto pallets and prepared to be processed. Company’s headquarters is in Novi Sad, and the storehouses for leather admittance are in Novi Sad (main one) and in Mrcajevci (near Cacak). Both storehouses have been registered for leather export to the EU. Export numbers are: Mrcajevci RS 840, Novi Sad RS 1017.
The technology used by KRP doo is the most modern there is in today’s market.
Also, it is enviromentally friendly since we have complied with all the claims wanted by the official authorities. Leather is processed in accordance to EWG standard, and our own JUS standard, and stored in the refrigirated storehouses, at temperatures varying 0-4 °C.
KRP doo is mostly an export-based company. We considerable export quantities into Austria, Italy and Germany. Our annual product export structure is:
- big - bulky leather 4 000 tons per year
- small - fine leather 100 000 pieces per year
 Storehouse Mrčajevci, RS 840

Merchendise is mostly sold through annual contracts with regular customers, with monthly anexes related to quantity and prices. As for prices, they vary depending on quantity, type, class and other raw leather characteristics.
The KRP doo company’s vision is to expand buy-out capacities on the market, and at the same time, enhancing the cooperation with other leading leather processing companies in the region. To make this vision happen, KRP doo is planning the expansion of existent storage capacities and building new ones, constant development in human resources potential, investment in infrastructure and modern truck-vehicles, and of course, maintenance of good partner relations. KRP doo deals with buy-out and processing of all kinds of leather, but not only that, we are also in strategic partnership with leather company Dafar in Zrenjanin in producin the final product (wet blue,wet white i final leather)

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